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Expert Surveillance Investigators
Do you really know how
much dept your fiancé is
really in?   Find out the
truth before you commit.
Find out what they are
really doing when they
say they are on business
Do you really know what
they are doing on the
Private Investigator NJ
All surveillances are headed by a Top Seasoned Investigator
NJ Private Investigator - NJ Private Investigations - NJ Private Investigators
All surveillances are headed by
Top Seasoned Investigators
!!We are the Surveillance Experts - This is all we do!!
Infidelity - Cohabitation - Alimony Reduction - Child Custody
Our Video & Reports are unmatched in Quality and Content
When you need Quality Video Documentation, Discreet  
Surveillance and Following
Statewide Investigation is the best in New Jersey
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Payment may be made by Credit
Card, Money Order, Check or
Pay Pal.
We will beat any Price!!
Difficult Surveillance Is our Speciallty
  • $85.00 - $105.00 per hour +.50 cents per mile
  • 4 hour minimum for most surveillances
  • Lowest Rates and we will beat any Quoted Price
Surveillance Pricing & Rates     Updated-
Call Local:(732) 433-7099
  • *Video -Pictures and full written Report to be used in Litigation / Court
  • *Low Cost *High Quality Surveillances due to our *Low Running Cost
  • *All Surveillance are ran by: *Craig Cirafesi [Owner & Head Investigator]
  • *We have logged over *75,000 Surveillance Hours
  • *We are the Surveillance Experts!!  *This is all we do everyday!!"
  • *We provide Quality Video Documentation, Discreet  Surveillance & Following, at Low Cost with a high success rate.
  • *Statewide Investigation is the leading edge in [Technology & Mastered Covert Surveillance Tactics in New Jersey]
  • *No job is too small or large..
Call now for a Free Consultation:
Local:(732) 433-7099
Statewide Investigations Serving all of New Jersey
Statewide provides Surveillance for:
* New Jersey Transit
* Top NJ Law Firms
* County & State
* Boards of Education
* University & Collages
* Other Investigation Firms
* Major Insurance Firms and
Statewide Investigations Provides
Toll Free: 1-888-92-SPY4U
Local: 732- 433-7099
Private Investigators of new Jersey
Statewide Investigation Located in New Jersey
We are a full service, professional Licensed, Investigative firm
Specializing in but not limited to
*Infidelity -*Cohabitation -*Insurance Fraud - *Child Custody
*We are the Surveillance Experts* of New Jersey
*New Jersey: Licensed - Bonded - Insured*
Ask as many question as you need for Free
Call now for free consultation: 1-888-92-SPY4U -  Local: (732) 433-7099
*Please call and ask as many question as you need*
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