All surveillances are headed by Top Seasoned Investigators
New Jersey Private
Do you really know how
much dept your fiancé is
really in?   Find out the
truth before you commit.
Find out what they are
really doing when they say
they are on business trips.
Do you really know what
they are doing on the
New Jersey Private Investigator - New Jersey Private Investigations - New Jersey Private Investigators
NJ Investigators - NJ Investigations - NJ Investigator
NJ Private Investigator - NJ Private Investigations - NJ Private Investigators
Top Seasoned Investigators
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Private Investigators of new Jersey
We are a full service, professional Licensed, Investigative firm
Specializing in but not limited to
*Infidelity -*Cohabitation -*Insurance Fraud - *Child Custody
*We are the Surveillance Experts* of New Jersey
*New Jersey: Licensed - Bonded - Insured*
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residents, visitors, and businesses.
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Statewide has saved our clients over 17 million dollars in
fraudulent claims and still counting.
Statewide represents many of New Jersey's most prestiges
Law Firms and Insurance Special Investigation Units.
Our investigators are licensed, bonded & Insured with over
25 years of experience.
Our video and reports are unmatched in content & quality.
Statewide is waiting to conduct an in depth investigation as
to determine the level of daily activity of your claimant.
Vehicle Insurance Fraud
Statewide Investigations
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Statewide provides
Surveillance for:
* NJ Transit
* Chubb
* Top NJ Law Firms
* County & State
* Boards of Education
* University & Collages
* Other Investigation Firms
* Major Insurance Firms
and more...
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